VEDIC PRAYERS - in Hindi and English

Price: $10:00 AUD (Plus postage: Within Australia - $2:50 and overseas $6:50)

Prayer Vedic Book

This unique book has been specially formulated by VPSASA Inc, in easy to read Sanskrit Mantra in English as you see.
The book also consists of English/ Hindi version for everyone who wants to perform Vedic Hawan without having to back-flip through pages.

It comes with some Bhajans and many other special prayers. Simple step by step run-on pages as per procedure. No complicated backtracking of pages

To purchase this you can do online payment or contact us. 

Easy to read Sanskrit words in English, phonetic interpretation as you see them. No over scores or underlines.No more old fashioned eyesore reading. Large crystal clear, modern typeface Hindi fonts used.