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Arya Bhavan

Arya Bhavan: A Proud Milestone. Unit 7/45-47 Whyalla Place, Prestons, NSW 2170

VPSASA’s journey has been marked by dedication, unity and unwavering commitment to our cultural and spiritual heritage. VPSASA is thrilled to announce that we are in the final stages of completing the purchase of the Arya Bhavan, Unit 7, located at 45-47 Whyalla Place, Prestons, NSW 2170. This facility will serve as a hub for our religious, cultural and traditional activities. It will be a place where we can come together, celebrate and strengthen our bonds as a community.

The Arya Bhavan property is being purchased by Vedic Pratinidhi Sabha and Arya Samaj of Australia for a price of $595,000.

The settlement date for the contract is 29th May 2024. VPSASA is actively in the process of raising funds to complete the purchase.

To complete the purchase VPSASA needs to raise funds of $170,000 by 29th of May 2024.

VPSASA is relying on members and supporters donations to complete the purchase. Without members support, we will not be able to complete the purchase.

We are requesting the following from members and supporters: -

1.Cash Donations to VPSASA – See details to make donations below.

2. Interest free loans that will be fully returned to members and supporters. Legal Deeds will be entered into between VPSASA and the Member/Supporter Lender.

Donations can be made to VPSASA Treasurer, Pt Parag Deshpande, telephone 0468911670 or any VPSASA Executive Council Official. Official VPSASA receipt will be provided for all donations.

Direct Deposit to Account Name: Vedic Pratinidhi Sabha and Arya Samaj of Australia
Bank Westpac     BSB: 032 078     Account Number: 134435

(Email your details to aryasamajofaustralia@hotmail.com for a receipt).

Please contact Pt Awindra Prasad on 0407905110 to discuss your interest free loan proposal.
We request you to please donate generously so that VPSASA can complete the purchase.

Continuing Satsanghs:

Our regular Satsanghs have been a source of inspiration and spiritual growth. The gatherings allow us to connect with each other, learn from our scriptures and deepen our understanding of Vedic principles. Let us continue to participate actively in these Satsanghs, nurturing our souls and fostering a sense of belonging.

Celebrating Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s 200th Jayanti and 150 Years of Arya Samaj:

2024 holds a special significance as we celebrate the 200th Birth Anniversary (Jayanti) of the founder of Arya Samaj, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and the 150th Year of the establishment of Arya Samaj. Swami Ji’s teachings continue to guide us, emphasizing truth, knowledge and service. Let us honour his legacy by embodying these principles in our lives and contributing positively to society.

Gratitude and Future Support:

VPSASA extends heartfelt gratitude to all members and supporters of Arya Samaj. Your unwavering commitment has brought VPSASA to this momentous juncture. As we move forward, VPSASA invites you to join hands with us, ensuring that our Arya Bhavan becomes a vibrant center for our community’s growth and wellbeing.

Together We Progress:

Let us march forward with enthusiasm, unity and a shared vision. Together, we can create a legacy that inspires generations to come. I look forward to your continued support and active participation.

Pt Awindra Prasad
President, Vedic Pratinidhi Sabha and Arya Samaj of Australia Incorporated.

OFFICE BEARERS – 2023-2024


Pt. Awindra Prasad

Vice Presidents

Mrs Savitri Bisram

Mr Subhash Rughani

General Secretary

Ms Sukirti Arya

Assistant Secretary

Mrs Nita Vaarwerk


Pt. Parag Deshpande

Assistant Treasurer

Mrs Anu Chandra


Mr Kamal Chandra

Public Officer

Mr Ashok Kumar

Council Members:

    Saroja Chari, Ram Narayan, Mala Sharma, Anjnish Prasad

Continuing Appointments:


Mr Narayan Singh Niranjan


Mrs Parmodhni Niranjan

Pt. Brij Pal Singh

Mr Rajendra Kumar

Pt. Awindra Prasad

Mr Padam Lala

Prohit & Prohita:

Pt. Awindra Prasad

Pta. Prabha Sharma

Pt. Brij Pal Singh

Pta. Mala Sharma

Pt. Parag Deshpande

Pt. Peeyoush Grover


Mr James Rajneel Kumar

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Your donations will be use in hold Hawans and help support people in emergency. Cash donations are being requested and all money received will be wholly used for the Arya Bhavan.

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